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Blog Post created by John Osterhout on Mar 26, 2020

Are you suddenly taking your General Chemistry course online because of the coronavirus? I have daily (MWF) worksheets for General Chemistry I and II, which are available free from my website. You will need a password, which you can request by emailing me (information below). The worksheets were developed for a flipped class, but you don't have to flip your class in order to use them. The materials include: PDFs of all worksheets, editable files so you can customize the worksheets, and other goodies.


The URL for the worksheets is


For my discussion of classroom flipping:


To get a password, email me at: JohnOsterhout<at>JohnOsterhout<dot>com. Please include a URL to you at your institution so I can verify you are a teaching professional.


Good luck with your online teaching and stay safe!