John O'Connor

What we can’t (or shouldn’t) put into our Sanitary Sewerage Systems

Blog Post created by John O'Connor on Sep 2, 2012

Everyone knows that we shouldn’t dry kittens in the microwave, but how many are aware of the many prohibitions communities have enacted to protect our sanitary sewerage systems and sewage treatment plant processes?

What can’t (or shouldn’t) we put in our toilets, sinks and household drains? Do most communities really prohibit us from emptying pool water or pumping out water from our flooded basements? Are there even ordinances against discharging ‘stinky stuff’?


After consulting the local regulations, we may be left wondering what we are permitted to put into our sanitary sewers.

Worse. In regions where treated wastewater is now destined to be an increasingly large part of our public water supply, prohibitions may get even more restrictive.