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Microscopy - for Water Treatment Plant Performance Evaluations

Blog Post created by John O'Connor on Jul 18, 2015

John Wiley & Sons, publishers of "Water Treatment Plant Performance Evaluations and Operations", 2009, has generously posted the following excerpts from this volume on their website, free for downloading.


The WTP Preface provides the outline and summarizes the 12 chapters of a volume created for water treatment plant operators and managers focussed on scientifically monitoring and improving plant process performance.


Perhaps of greatest scientific value in this release are the WTP Figures. This central element of the book provides 28 highly detailed, color micrographs of particles and organisms observed in water at various stages of collection and treatment. The descriptions accompanying each figure represent an attempt to put the information conveyed by each micrograph to practical operational use.


Appendix A (appA) describes the apparatus needed and basic procedures for conducting bacterial cell counts by epifluorescence microscopy.


Appendix B (appB) lists potential studies that a water utility might perform using microscopic particle analysis.


Appendix C (appC) starts with a discussion of operator responsibilities and operational data collection. This is followed by an extensive photographic tour of an operator 'making the rounds' to directly observe the functioning of the water treatment plant unit processes.