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Ariviyal-Solai Innovation Centre (AIC)

Blog Post created by Karthik Rajendran on May 19, 2017

Ariviyal-Solai Innovation Centre (AIC) is a non-profit Science, Technology, and Innovation (SciTechInn) start-up, to promote and engage the ScitTechInn among school and college students in their vernacular language especially in rural areas. AIC provides a platform to nurture the students scientific temper and innovative projects (in their mother language itself) with the support of innovators/scientists and school/college faculty.

We believe our efforts will create impacts in school and college level by motivating students to pursue higher education in scientific research.


Mission: Provoking students’ scientific temper in mother language

Vision : Scientific innovations for sustainable development through ESHTHEAM ( Engineering, Science,

               Health, Technology,Humanity, Environment, Agriculture, and Mathematics)

Slogan : Equip, Execute & Empower (EEE)

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