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Kalaam online multi-media e-magazine June 2017

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Ariviyal-Solai Innovation Centre (AIC) is a non-profit scitechinn startup, to promote science technology innovation among school and college students especially in rural areas. AIC nurture the students scientific, technological and innovative temper in their mother language with the support of scientist/innovators and school/college faculty. Their activities will be published in Kalaam online multi-media monthly e-magazine. (Puthaga-Solai publisher)

: Scientific innovations for sustainable development through ESHTHEAAM Engineering Science Health Technology Humanity Environment Agriculture Arts Mathematics


MISSION: Provoke students scientific temper in mother language


SLOGAN EEE (Equip Execute Empower)


Brief Story:


My Tamil teacher Mr.Shanmugavel Ayya invited me to deliver a talk on "Opportunities For Pursuing Science in Higher Education" on  15th October 2015 (Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam birthday) at Government High School, Melavalavu, Melur, Madurai, TamilNadu, India. I talked about national level science scholarships like Inspire, KVPY, NMMSS etc. After my talk, I discussed with Head Master about their school students science activities. During the conversation, I wondered one of his school students won Inspire Cash Prize Award. When I enquired him about the next level of his science projects. He simply neglects the topic. Then, I realized that due to lack of English communication skill, his school student couldn't compete in national level science events. Moreover, He doesn't have a mentor to feed his science thurst.


This sparks me to do something for our government school students, to explore their scientific temper in their mother language at the early stage through mentors. If we provide a platform for our students to exhibit their potential, they will excel in their science caliber.


The pursuit of knowledge and understanding through science will arm the students to find solutions to the increasingly acute economic, social and environmental challenges facing humanity today. When students are learning science through mother language in a bilingual education approach, it plays a significant role in creating a strong foundation in science. In reality, parents force their children to learn science in the English language which results in memorizing scientific concepts rather than understanding fundamentals of Science. Due to this, students may lose their creativity, imagination, lateral thinking and logical questioning.


In the  case of government schools, students are learning in mother/regional language and have a sound knowledge in their subjects. But, they couldn’t compete with National/International Level Science contest because of lack of English language communication. This results in the loss of young talented mind in very early stage. This seeded us to create Ariviyal-Solai Innovation Centre (AIC) in schools and colleges.