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Emerging Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Blog Post created by Mariana Fraga on Oct 6, 2018

Our edited book Emerging Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage is now available on ScienceDirect:


Emerging Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage | ScienceDirect


Table of contents


Part 1: Emerging materials for dye-sensitized solar cells and thermoelectrics

Chapter 1. SnTe: Structure, Synthesis and Thermoelectric properties

Chapter 2. Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as Electron Transport Layer in Third Generation Solar Cells


Part 2: Emerging materials for electrochemical applications

Chapter 3. Exploring the properties and fuel cell applications of atomic layer deposited metal oxide ultrathin films

Chapter 4. Development, Challenges and Prospects of Carbon-Based Electrode for Lithium Air Batteries


Part 3: Emerging materials for supercapacitors

Chapter 5. Emerging 2D nanomaterials for supercapacitor applications

Chapter 6. Prospective Synthesis Approaches to Emerging Materials for Supercapacitor

Chapter 7. Advances in Flexible supercapacitors for portable and wearable smart gadgets

Chapter 8. Simple Parallel-Plate Capacitors to High–Energy Density Future Supercapacitors: A Materials Review


Part 4: Emerging materials for multifunctional applications in energy conversion and storage

Chapter 9. Advanced nanocarbon materials for future energy application


Part 5: Emerging materials for hydrogen storage

Chapter 10. All-metal and Non-metal Aromatic Clusters as Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide Storage Materials

Chapter 11. Liquid Phase Chemical Hydrogen Storage: From Recent Developments to Future Objectives

Chapter 12. Recent progresses on the Mg-Co-H and Mg-Fe-H systems for hydrogen storage applications

Chapter 13. A systematic approach to the synthesis, thermal stability and hydrogen storage properties of rare earth borohydrides


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