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TOPICAL COLLECTION:  Mechanical Properties of Advanced Materials

Blog Post created by Mariana Fraga on Aug 9, 2019

This topical collection entitled "Mechanical Properties of Advanced Materials" will be published in Springer Nature’s new journal SN Applied Sciences ( ). It is devoted to study the mechanical properties of advanced materials such as nanomaterials, 2D materials, advanced composites, advanced polymers, advanced ceramics, advanced coatings and thin films, biomaterials, among others. Considering the relevance of the theme, this topical collection looks for original articles and short communications focusing on the latest theoretical and experimental advances in design, characterization and application of mechanical properties of advanced materials. The interest topics include, but are not limited to:

- Theoretical calculation and simulation of mechanical properties of advanced materials.

- Experimental analysis of mechanical properties of advanced materials.

- Mechanical behaviour of advanced materials.

- Mechanical characterization for tissue engineering.

- Emerging advanced materials for mechanical applications.

- Development of nanomechanical devices.


Please have a look at the journal's author guidelines for more information on the journal's policies and the submission process. Manuscripts should be submitted through this link: and when sending your article, please indicate the name of the following Topical Collection: Interdisciplinary: Mechanical Properties of Advanced Materials.

 Guest Editors, 

Prof. Giuseppe Pintaude, UTFPR, Brazil

 Prof. Mariana Amorim Fraga, UNIFESP, Brazil