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Recent Papers Published

Blog Post created by Mariana Fraga on Mar 2, 2020

Check out our recent papers on synthesis and properties of TiO2  thin films:


- Godoy Junior, A.; Pereira, A.; Gomes, M.; Fraga, M.; Pessoa, R.; Leite, D.; Petraconi, G.; Nogueira, A.; Wender, H.; Miyakawa, W.; Massi, M.; da Silva Sobrinho, A. Black TiO2 Thin Films Production Using Hollow Cathode Hydrogen Plasma Treatment: Synthesis, Material Characteristics and Photocatalytic Activity. Catalysts 202010, 282. 


- Chiappim, W.; Watanabe, M.; Dias, V.; Testoni, G.; Rangel, R.; Fraga, M.; Maciel, H.; dos Santos Filho, S.; Pessoa, R. MOS Capacitance Measurements for PEALD TiO2 Dielectric Films Grown under Different Conditions and the Impact of Al2O3 Partial-Monolayer Insertion. Nanomaterials 2020, 10, 338.