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Tips for Medical Translation Services

Blog Post created by Melissa Munroe on Sep 9, 2014

Tips for Medical Translation Services

Take a look at how a few tips can help medical writers translate better.


  1. Know the Subject: It is essential that medical translator full understand the subject they are going to translate. To get background information on the subjects, medical writers can get updated medical information from valid resources like PubMed.
  2. Language Style: There are two extremes of medical translation methods. One method states that the original document be translated verbatim into the translated version. The other method says to read the document, close it and then rewrite it. A professional translation services provider’s translation style lies between these two extremes.
  3. Usage of Acronyms: Only those acronyms and abbreviations are used that are every well known. Not all the names of the drugs, diseases or medical organizations need to be shortened.
  4. Usage of Gerunds: Using gerunds in front of verbs in medical documents makes the text easy and simple to read for eg using words like breathing, swallowing, fainting etc.
  5. Usage of Voices: Active voice is more easily understood, however if a medical document that has to be translated uses the passive tone, it will be converted in the same voice.