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Soul Theory (Thermodynamics)

Blog Post created by Michael Carrillo on Mar 23, 2015

This question goes to anyone who is listening.

First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Within this law we state that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

This brings up a very unrealistic case of energy, but interesting case as well.
Say someone dies and their soul is released into the earth. We can say that the soul is a form of energy. Now that energy was not created r destroyed, but what if it is transferred into its surroundings. Such as plant life, human bodies, and other organisms.
I theorize that this is true, if anyone has any questions or wants to talk about this then by all means message me at michael.carrillo126@utb.edu  

Hello again,

I just finished some calculations that might be right or wrong, but i am putting it out there anyways.

The equation is

S.E.=((Q=MCDeltaT)/(Delta Body weight))

SO Q is a constant the human soul, which i took in as a mass was 21 grams, c=3470, and change in temperature was 96.7. Now I divide that with change in bodyweight and i should get a pleasurable answer.