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New Electronic Invention Would Substitute Organic Indicators in Acid-BaseTitration

Blog Post created by Akintunde Lawal on May 18, 2015

New Electronic Invention Would Substitute Organic Indicators in Acid-Base Titration


In chemistry, measuring the acidity and alkalinity of a substance requires materials and procedures that have been time-tested until they have become routine. Laboratory titration techniques involving acid-base reactions require the use of pH-dependent plant pigments that change color at different values that indicate whether the substance being tested is acidic, neutral or alkaline. A test solution is visually compared in color with that of a standard color chart which provides a means to measure pH values. Certain tests require the use of the Universal indicator which changes color continuous over a pH range. The pH values of different substances are very important in various fields of science such as biological science, environmental science, agricultural science, pharmaceutical science, food processing, hydrology, water purification and civil engineering.

The author of this article has proposed the manufacturing of a new electronic device that would act as a substitute for organic indicators that have been used conventionally in all acid-base titration. It is also envisaged that it would replace the current type of pH meters in use.

This new invention would produce a universal pH measuring device that can be used to assess the values of solutions and aqueous suspensions. It could also offer a more precise measurement than conventional techniques.

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