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13th Edition Published - Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology

Blog Post created by Steven Cooke on Oct 12, 2017

Finally available in Hardcover or eBook (pdf) formats! The LATEST guide to the technology that makes modern life possible, including my Chapter (P.1301) on Industrial Gases. 



In Memoriam (partial excerpt from the book):

Dr. James A. Kent, assumed responsibility for this Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology beginning with the sixth edition in 1965. The original name was Riegel’s Handbook of Industrial Chemistry started by Dr. Emil Riegel in the 1930s. In 2014 Dr. Kent enthusiastically began work on this 13th edition and continued until the time of his passing early in 2015. During his 50 years as editor, Dr. Kent grew the Handbook to meet the ever-changing needs of scientists and engineers in the chemical industry. It is now a worldwide reference, with the 13th edition tapping over 120 contributors and encompassing 42 chapters to meet the latest needs of scientists and engineers.