Family Science Night at Bancroft Middle School - 19 November 2015

California Section volunteers and students from UC Berkeley, CSU EastBay, and Las Positas College entertained hundreds of students and their families at Bancroft Middle School in San Leandro, filling two classrooms with NCW 2015 theme activities: one room featured color-changing liquids and acid neutralization by Milk of Magnesia, while the “dark side” featured fluorescent bubbles, UV-color changing beads, displays of additive and subtractive primary colors, spectral separations, and light scattering.  In the cafeteria, our volunteers assisted with activities organized by the school, and also served colorful blueberry liquid nitrogen ice cream -- pink with added lemon juice, or vivid blue with baking soda.

Photos per page
  • At Family Science Night, even the ice cream comes in different colors, depending on the pH.
  • UC Berkeley volunteers prepared liquid nitrogen ice cream.
  • Fluorescent bubbles were endlessly fascinating.
  • LBNL post-doc Lena Trotochaud revealed UV-induced color changes.
  • Visiting LBNL graduate student Line Hansen helped students explore the mysteries of light spectra and light scattering.
  • Bancroft Middle School welcomed visitors to Family Science Night with a fabulous light show.


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