ACS T-Shirt Design Idea Contest Finalists - Choose Your Favorite!

Poll created by Christopher McCarthy on Jul 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone who submitted design ideas for an ACS t-shirt that we will produce and sell at the 244th ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. We received dozens of entries from our talented members who love chemistry. We narrowed the entries down to 10 choices and want YOU to choose a winner. Vote now and participate in our crowdsourcing experiment.


NOTE: Poll closes on Monday, July 23, and you may only vote once. You must be logged in to the ACS Network to vote.


Results will be announced in the ACS Network and the July 31 issue of ACS Matters.

220 total votes
  • BaNa2 With a picture of a yellow banana underneath the formula to look like a smile or the picture under the formula could be a smiling chimpanzee face
  • Chemistry is Bohring
  • Chemistry is S U P Er Ca Li Fr Ag I Li S Ti C Xe P I Al I Dy O C I O U S
  • Gone Fission
  • Human Litmus Test (with the shirt itself fading from being pink on one side to blue on the other)
  • I am a chemist and 6.02x10 to 23rd people like this (top voted)
  • I fell into a Triangle of Fire
  • Kicking acetate and taking nomenclature
  • Welcome to the Hood
  • When life gives you lemons, make more buffer