ACS Hawaii Section Election Nominations and Volunteer Opertunities

Poll created by David Cunningham on Oct 13, 2015


ACS Hawaii section elections are rapidly approaching. We need your nominations for candidates for:

  • Chair Elect (2017 Chair)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Any member in good standing and meeting our bylaws requirements can be nominated. The Nominating Committee will review candidate qualifications and interest prior to publishing our section election ballot. This will occur by October 25th, so please respond ASAP.


Thank you,

David Cunningham, 2015 Chair


Additionally, we are seeking volunteers in the following categories:

  • Pacific Chem event volunteers
  • Moore Scholarship Committee
  • Publications Committee (web site, social media, newsletter ...)
  • Volunteer Committee (promote, recruit and manage volunteers)
  • Fundraising / Donations Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • General event or project volunteers (short term select event volunteers)

Members from all of our Islands are encouraged to reply and participate

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