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A word about closing the interview:

A word about closing the interview:

I believe in turning every interview into a collaborative discussion. Many times candidates allow hiring managers to ask all the questions and get stuck in a corner, but if treated like a conversation throughout the process the interview becomes more comfortable for both parties and leads to better success and more information to be shared. I agree that many of the questions offered in the comments are great ones. When asked at the right time throughout the interview it can be very valuable in the interview. Setting aside time to come up with your questions and asking them in the right order will set the tone for the interview. Keep in mind, they are interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them. Throughout the interview you should be asking several questions such as;

1. Beyond the written job description, please define the role in your own words.

2. What are your expectations for this role, current and in the future?

3. How did the prior candidate fulfill your expectations?

4. How do you see my experience will help you/the team become more successful?

4. Define your companies culture.

5. Can you describe your management style?

6. Tell me about your staff.

This of course is just a short list, but these will lead to more as the interview becomes more comfortable and free flowing. You want to confirm your level of interest in the role and stay in control. Finally, there are a couple important questions everyone should ask in an interview.

1. State that you are interested in the position and moving forward to the next step. Go ahead and ask if the hiring manager has any reservations in allowing you to move forward in the process? This may be a tough question for some to ask, but it is one of the most important questions to ask. This gives you the opportunity to overcome any objectives or clear up anything you may not have fully clarified in the interview. Simply put, this is where you can turn a "no" into a "yes."

Just take the time to prepare in advance, make the interview a conversation rather than a pure one sided interview and you will see a big difference.

---ACS Job Club

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