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Applications of Pheromone Ingredients

Insect pheromones are trace chemical substances secreted by insects, which are species-specific communication systems and can be divided into intraspecific pheromones and interspecific pheromones.

Taking advantages of the functions of pheromone ingredients, they can be used in pest control. In addition, the use of pheromone components for pest control has the characteristics of wide effect, strong selectivity, no residual poison, no pollution to the environment and others. According to the principle of prevention and control, it can be divided into the following categories.

  • Insect control by trapping and killing: The use of a large number of pheromone traps to control pests is called trapping and killing. This method is strong, harmless to beneficial insects and beneficial to the environment. The pheromone ingredient is mainly a sex pheromones and agglomeration pheromones, which can also be used in combination with adhesives, pesticides, chemical sterility agents, viruses, hormones or lights to kill large numbers of insects.
  • Prevention and control of pests by anisotropic method: The pheromone ingredient used by this method is sex pheromone. In one case, the male is unable to identify the female's position, thus interfering with the normal mating behavior. In the other case, the male's feeler is physiologically tired, and they cannot respond to the female's sex lure.
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