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Ketone-functionalized Pheromone

Popular Applications of Ketone-functionalized Pheromone

  • Population monitoring: Ketone functionality insect pheromones can be used as tools for insect surveillance and investigation. It is very important to predict the occurrence time and quantity of pests in advance for proper control. Due to their high sensitivity, good accuracy, simple operation and low cost, ketone functionality insect pheromones have been widely used in the field of population monitoring.
  • Mass entrapment: Ketone functionality insect pheromones can attract the opposite sex to reduce the population of insects and reduce the harm of the next generation. Ketone functionality insect pheromones of cigarette beetle and fruit fly are typical pheromones that can be used to trap harmful insects in large quantities.
  • Others: Ketone functionality insect pheromones have many other applications, such as interfering with mating, coordinating insect control, and distinguishing between related species and others. Moreover, it is significant to combine sex pheromone with chemical sterility agent, virus, bacteria, and others to realize pet control.
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