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What Are the Functions of Food Ingredients?

Below are some of infomation I sorted out:


Functions of Food Ingredients

Contribute to the preservation of food and prevent spoilage
A variety of fresh food, if not processed in a timely manner or improperly processed, often spoilage, causing great losses. Preservatives, antifungal agents, and antioxidants can be used to prevent food spoilage and oxidation caused by microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf life of food.

Improving the sensory quality of food
Food processing, some will fade, some will be discolored; appropriate application of coloring agents, flavor, sweeteners, flavor agents, quality improvers and bulking agents, can significantly improve the sensory quality of food.

Maintain or improve the nutritional value of food
In the food processing process, an appropriate amount of nutrient supplements belonging to the natural range of food nutrition, can greatly improve the nutritional value of food.

Other effects
Facilitate the mechanization and automation of food processing operations and production.

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