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Executive Committee Meeting

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The Executive Committee of the Puget Sound Section meets once a month (usually on the second Monday of the month).

The Executive Committee does not normally meet in July or August.

The meetings are open to all interested ACS members.

If you wish to attend, please reach out to us to let us know that you will be coming.

Meeting location:

North Seattle College - 9600 College Way N, Seattle WA 98103

Room 2328C in the Instruction Building (South end of the second floor)

New Contributor

Hey I was wondering if its only a few people could this be moved to earlier in the day? An that is a ways drive...

What's makes a molecule worth investigating its structure, properties, and features?


New Contributor III

Hi Charles,

Thank you for reaching out.  The meetings usually have 8 to 14 people in attendance, so rescheduling the meeting would be a rather large change.  Instead, please consider attending one of our section events.  They often are scheduled for earlier in the day and would also be a good way to make contact with us in person.  Check out the events page for up and coming events.

As for your second question, I would imagine that the primary aspect of a molecule that makes it worth investigating is the possible value that it could bring to human activities.  That is to say that it would be the molecule's apparent utility that would drive the decision to learn more about it. 

Jonathan Clark
Newsletter Editor & Webmaster
Puget Sound Section | American Chemical Society