4 Résumé Mistakes to Avoid

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When you are applying for new positions your résumé is your introduction to the hiring manager. Are you putting your best foot forward? Business Insider outlined “30 things you should remove from your résumé immediately.”

Here's four things not to include on your résumé:

1. Personal stuff: Don't include your marital status, religious preference, or Social Security number. This might have been the standard in the past, but all of this information is now illegal for your employer to ask from you, so there's no need to include it.

2. Blatant lies: A CareerBuilder survey asked 2,000 hiring managers for memorable résumé mistakes, and blatant lies were a popular choice. One candidate claimed to be the former CEO of the company to which he was applying, another claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner, and one more claimed to attend a college that didn't exist.

3. Inconsistent formatting: The format of your résumé is just as important as its content, says Amanda Augustine, a career-advice expert and spokesperson for TopRésumé and a career consultant for Amanda Augustine LLC. Make sure that your resume formatting is consistent to allow for quick reviews by the hiring manager. This can increase the likelihood of you being selected for an interview.

4. More than 15 years of experience: When you start including jobs from before 2000, you start to lose the hiring manager's interest. Your most relevant experience should be from the past 15 years, so hiring managers only need to see that, Augustine says.

To read the rest of the tips, head over to Business Insider.

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