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Are you being paid what you’re worth? Find out with ACS Salary Calculator.

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Are you being paid what you’re worth? Find out with ACS Salary Calculator.

You aced the interview, you impressed the hiring managers, and you landed the job.  Congratulations! Now you have to start talking salary. They know what they want to offer you, but do you know whether it reflects your value?  When they give you an initial offer, what will be your counteroffer? Information is power, and in any negotiation the person with more information has the upper hand.   You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also don’t want to overplay your hand. You need the information to find out exactly what your chemistry skills are worth in today’s marketplace.

The ACS Salary Calculator™ will tell you what you could be making.  The tool is designed to show you a range of salaries based off

                                                  years of experience                work specialty

                                                  geography                             employer type

                                                  work sector                           work function

                                                  education                              and more!

In addition to showing you the median salary for your employment situation, the calculator now provides maturity curves that graph how your salary will change over time. 

Anticipating a career change?  You can even enter hypothetical work situations into the salary calculator to explore your options.  Change your geography, change your degree level, or even change your work specialty.

Are you a new graduate in chemistry?  Even if this is your first salary negotiation, the ACS Salary Calculator has information to help you!  It can account for the impact prior internship work experience, grades, geography, and field of degree. 

Try it today!

The ACS Salary Calculator™ is a member-only tool. Not a Member? Join ACS Today!

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