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Career Development vs. Advancement

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The main goal of career development is advancement, right? Wrong. Careers that have a low rate of advancement are often looked at as “dead end jobs,” but this is not always the case. Many organizations have fewer management positions than people who want to be managers. However, there is a lot of room for development and just because you may not be able to advance at a rate you might like does not mean that you can’t take advantage of development opportunities. A recent article, “Why Career Development and Advancement Aren’t the Same Thing,” featured on Fast Company’s website, highlights a few ways organizations can encourage development in their workforce. The article seeks to recognize that advancement is just part of a career and development leads employees to stay with organizations for the long-term.   Topics discussed include, offering opportunities for continued learning, providing autonomy, supporting innovation, and creating a network. Hop on over to Fast Company and read the article in its entirety: Interested in developing new skills that can positively impact you career?

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