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Developing Professional Skills: Advice given by Corporation Associates during the 2009 Graduate Student Round Table

  • Whether you have a bachelors, masters or Ph.D., your academic accomplishments are not enough when you want to work in industry. Industry representatives also look at strong scientific credentials, candidates with demonstrated initiative, interpersonal skills and leadership.
  • Communication skills are important.  You must be able to explain how you will be an asset to potential employers. In addition, you will need to communicate effectively with your co-workers/ team members. It is your teams’ productivity that matters.
  • Build your professional skills by taking advantage of opportunities to collaborate with other researchers. Such an experience will highlight your ability to work within a team and effectively communicate with others. You can also build your skills by getting involved in ACS activities.
  • You are not limited to the lab. You can build your skills through extracurricular activities like student government or volunteer service.
  • Be open to new experiences, what you do today may not be what you are doing five years from now.
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