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Gain a Support System for Your Job Search

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Are you recently unemployed or looking to change careers and looking for support in your job search? Then you should consider fostering a social network.

The great thing about networking with peers during your job search is that you have greater resources when collaborating with others.

Here are a few benefits of “teaming” to find a job, according to

  • a group of people committed to helping each other in job search
  • an advisory panel that knows you and your search
  • a way to make the sometimes difficult job of job hunting easier and more pleasant.

There are a number of ways to develop a job search team, such as sending a mass message to your peers, asking career counselors to team you up with equally ambitious students or hand picking individuals to team up with prior to graduation.

Alternatively, you can join the ACS Job Club. This club consists of ACS members who support each other by sharing advice, celebrating successes, and providing much-needed encouragement. The Job Club meets every other Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET.

We encourage you to join this club to network, learn about open positions, and make lasting connections to aid in your job search. Sign up today to attend the next meeting.