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Hands on the Wheel: The ACS Employment Dashboard

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Taking control of your career may seem like a daunting task, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  Start moving with the ACS Employment Dashboard™, an interactive application that will help you explore chemical employment data across the US.

Use the Dashboard to see how location affects salary across nine different regions of the country.  How does employment vary from coast to coast?  Where are industry salaries the highest?  Find answers to these questions and more with comprehensive, user-friendly data that spans more than a decade!

And best of all its free to chemists and non-chemists alike.

Don’t have time to look at it online?  Then take it with you!  There’s also a feature to export the data to Excel where you can see the effects of degree, region, and demographic factors at a glance.

If you want specific career info tailored to your exact work situation, try the ACS Salary Calculator™.  This ACS member tool is like cranking our employment dashboard into overdrive.  Using yearly data from new and experienced chemists we create a model for your salary situation that can be used to plan a move, negotiate a salary, or see just how much your experience is worth.