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How can you benefit from leadership training courses?

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ACS Leadership Development System® courses teach critical skills that are applicable to any leadership situation. The system is an integrated collection of online and in-person courses engineered to provide relevant, up-to-date training to help ACS members in their professional, personal and volunteer activities. ACS instructional designers will work with members and their team to develop customized scenarios and small group exercises that address the unique leadership challenges of each individual organization.

Courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of volunteer leaders, members and staff and delivered on location. These courses are appropriate and beneficial for everyone including the seasoned ACS leader, the long term member focused on their family and career, and the newest member just starting their career in chemistry.

Courses within the system are relevant for:

  • Volunteers at all levels and in all parts of the ACS – Local Sections, Regional, Divisions, National or Committees who want to get the most out of volunteering with ACS and ensure that their time, efforts and skills have the most impact possible for them, the Society and our members
  • Anyone who interacts with people in their personal, professional or volunteer lives or wants to learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Anyone anywhere who would like to increase the engagement, participation and impact of the people around them in ACS or at work
  • Anyone who wants to develop transferable skills and gain other experiences and contacts that can help in other aspects of their professional and personal life
  • Anyone who works with:
    • people in different departments, groups, sites or countries
    • different ACS Local Sections, Divisions or Committees
    • people from different backgrounds or with different experiences
    • others on Teams and Task Forces
  • Anyone who does not have complete control over everything that they need to be successful in their personal, professional or volunteers roles
  • People leading teams or projects in a matrix environment
  • Anyone who’s success is dependent on others
  • Anyone interested in:
    • Increasing their ability to generate new ideas and approaches
    • Encouraging innovation new ideas and new approaches to solving challenges
  • Anyone interested in combining networking with committed professionals with volunteering to advance their volunteer and professional activities and interests

Although many of the specific scenarios in the courses relate to situations found in ACS or the wider chemistry enterprise they will be invaluable for anyone interacting with others in any organization, group or community.

Find more information and register for an ACS Leadership Development System® Course offered at ACS National Meeting in Denver on March 22 - 24.