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How to Communicate with Five Common Personality Types

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Collaboration is such a necessity in today’s workforce. It’s important to recognize how to communicate with different personalities to make sure that projects run effectively. Not every person communicates the same and Fast Company explored how the five most common personality types communicate.

  1. Nurturers are hardwired to care for others and help others to develop. They protect values and principles, and have a commitment to organizational harmony.
  2. Creatives possess a gift for envisioning the future and are champions of innovation and new ideas. They can see how the pieces of something fit together, and are always looking for ways to make things better.
  3. Guardians strive to preserve and protect, focusing on responsibility, hard work, and stewardship. They seek clarity and logic, and like to see track records of success.
  4. Connectors love connecting people, ideas, and resources. They have an intuitive ability to sense what others feel and need in the moment.
  5. Pioneers are dominant and loud, bringing military-like thinking to the group. They always look to the future, and have a strong desire to win.

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