How to Ensure Your Final Round Interview Lands You the Job

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The job interview process is similar to a relay race. You submit your application, have a phone screen with HR, and participate in interviews with the hiring manager, team, and department heads. Making it to the final interview is like grabbing the baton and running the last leg of the race, this is where the job won or lost. No pressure, right? Relieve some of the stress of a high pressure situation by making sure that you are prepared for your final interview.

The Muse has a great article called “How to Ensure Your Final Round Interview Lands You the Job” to help prep you for the last leg of the interview process. The article discusses how you should not be afraid to brag about yourself and your accomplishments, but not be afraid to address your weaknesses. Also, it discusses the importance of asking many questions, but knowing when to bring the focus back to you. Lastly, it tells you not to be afraid to laugh and have fun, but know when to be professional. As long as you have a balance between these three juxtapositions you will be able to ace your interview. Swing on by The Muse’s site to read more. Also, be sure to take advantage of the Interview Strategy resources that the ACS Career Navigator™ has to offer.  From prep questions to video guides and a skills guide book, ACS Career Navigator™ is your key to having a competitive edge in your job search.