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Keep Your Career from Stagnating by Continuing Your Education

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iStock_000060522706_Small.jpgGenerally, when we graduate we are filled with a sense of relief. We feel like the classroom portion of our learning is done and we move on to gaining practical experience in our field. Sometimes it doesn’t occur to us just how important it is to continue our education. The world around us is constantly evolving and changing and this makes it incredibly important that we stay on top of industry trends, technology changes, and best practices.

The recently published an article entitled An Easy Way to Make Sure You Never Stagnate in Your Career. This article, written by Caris Therford, outlines five different ways your can thrive in your career by continuing your education and professional development. You can thrive by learning, by building relationships, staying abreast of important changes, staying aware of opportunities, and by building your skills. Head on over to The read more.

As you endeavor to keep your career from stagnating be sure to consider a course from ACS Professional Education. ACS Professional Education offers an extensive catalog of in-person, online and OnDemand short courses to enable you to stay on top of new trends and evolving technology in the chemical field. Visit our website at to browse our course catalog and find a course that meets your needs.

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