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Making Cents

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The chemical industry is huge.  Each year over 3 trillion dollars in chemicals are shipped worldwide, and the market is growing every year.  To put that in perspective, the GDP of the entire United States in 2014 was 17 trillion dollars.  So for new graduates looking into joining the non-academic workforce, where is the best pay? How do they get their fair share?

Findings from the latest 2014 ACS survey of new graduates show that the top paying employers in the United States are companies that deal in petroleum/natural gas, specialty/fine chemicals, and electronics/computers/semiconductors.   Even with the recent price fluctuations for petroleum products, those employers rise to the top and offer the best starting salaries. 

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For more information about the job market for new graduates in chemistry, read our latest C&EN article or read the full-report. For great career resources no matter where you are in you carer make sure to visit the ACS Career Navigator, your competitive advantage.