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The Importance of Leadership Training

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Did you think that your educational needs were met when you completed your degree? In some cases, this might be true. However, as you advance in your career, more professional development may be needed.

In a recent article in Science Magazine, “Leadership Training for Early Career Researchers,” the necessity of leadership training is discussed by several researchers and how they have benefited from leadership training. One story is that of Katie Garman of Duke University’s Department of Medicine. Upon gaining the position, she took management over of a technician, graduate student and clinical fellows and residents. "I really needed to learn more about how to manage a lab and manage a group and obtain a very different skill-set than the one that I had acquired during medical school, residency, and fellowship," Katie said of her need for leadership training.

The article goes on to discuss topics like handling personality differences, leading peers, leadership for women, and admitting when help is needed. Visit our friends over at Science Magazine to read the full article.

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