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Tips on Getting a Job: Advice given by Corporation Associates during the 2009 Graduate Student Round Table

  • To learn more about a company you are interested in, visit the company’s website. Seek out a company representative at the next ACS National Meeting.                   
  • Learn the company’s hiring practices. It is a real mistake to circumvent the company’s recruiting process. Attend career fairs and other recruiting events to meet with recruiters in addition to submitting a curriculum vita online.
  • Before going on an interview be prepared to give a brief description of your research, explain the challenges that were raised, your approach to problem solving and the outcome concisely and clearly.
  • Do not self limit! If you are unable to meet with a recruiter, apply to positions of interest posted online even if you are not 100% qualified.
  • Do not apply for every job. Identify jobs and a career path that is compatible with your interest and training.

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