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Transitioning into a career in Patent Law - Any help?

I am currently a postdoctoral scholar, having obtained my PhD a year ago in Inorganic Chemistry.  After much consideration, I have decided that I would like to join a law firm as a patent agent and perhaps eventually attend law school.  I was wondering if anyone had any connections to firms in the Los Angeles area, as this is where I would like to relocate.  I am currently studying for the Patent Bar Exam as well.  General suggestions and advice are also welcome.  Thanks!

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Re: Transitioning into a career in Patent Law - Any help?

See for a list of resources and places to start looking for lawyers.  There must be tons of intellectual property law firms in LA - have you asked the ACS local section there if they know of any?  Do you know anyone at chemical companies there, and can you ask them what law firm they use? 

Once you find some firms and IP lawyers, ask them how they got started, and what they recommend you do.  See if any of them have internships, or if they recruit from graduate schools in the area. 

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