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Why My Company Recruits at the ACS Career Fair

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HR professionals today are constantly being asked to stretch.  Companies gain by reducing costs.  The Recruitment/Onboarding function can certainly be a large part of the HR budget.  We are being asked to measure metrics that are not merely “cost of hire”. Interview-to-offer ratio, satisfaction of the hiring manager, as well as, satisfaction of the candidate, are just a few of the measures that are now an integral part of our goals.  In my experience, the ACS Career Fair is a strategic partner in accomplishing outcome based targets for recruiting and retention of employees.

I have held the position of Vice President of Human Resources and Public Relations at IRIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for 14 years.  Over this period of time, I have hired Scientists at all level; BS, MS and PhD, most of whom I have connected to through the ACS Career Fair. Recruiting at the ACS Career Fairs accelerates time-to-hire, as sitting face-to-face with an interested candidate allows me to access the fit of the individual for our organization, which saves an indeterminate amount of time.  The quality of the candidates is “spot on” and generally, turn-over from ACS recruited candidates is lower than the industry standard. Having the ACS Career Fair as a resource has made my job so much easier and made the hiring process actually a wonderful adventure rather than a chore. 

I also simply cannot overlook the value of the relationships that I have formed as a result of attending ACS Career Fairs.  The networking that has occurred as a result of relationships formed at these functions has certainly served me well.  It is just great when I can pick up the phone and call a colleague to discuss an issue or get a reference on a candidate. 

Finally, the extreme organization of the Career Fair at ACS National Meetings makes the process run so smoothly. It may seem quiet from an outsider’s perspective, but there are so many moving parts to keep track of, and they are all pulled-off flawlessly.  I have recruited at other similar events that were confusing and hectic….not ACS!  From the very moment of on-line registration to the very last interview, everything is so organized that the process can only go in one direction.  I am sure that this is a result of the dedication and sincere desire to help, which is evident in the staff.  They are knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to assist in any way.

Whether you are searching for a job or for a qualified candidate to fill a role at your company, the ACS Career Fair offers more venues to connect, as well as access for job seekers to programs to gain the knowledge and skills needed to reach their career goals. It’s not just a Career Fair. It’s the ACS Career Fair.

This post was written by Miriam Swiler Vice President of Human Resources at IRIX Pharmaceutical.

Is your company interested in participating in the ACS Career Fair in San Francisco? Contact Garretta Rollins today to reserve your spot.

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