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Powder coating Addictives

Powder coating Addictives


Wuhan Yincai Technology Co., Ltd. located in China is a high-tech enterprise which engages in the research and development, production and sales of the materials of powder coating auxiliaries.

Powder Addictives:

Pure Levelling Agent L88 、Lustre-enhancing agent L701、Anti-yellow Benzoin L307、Floating Agent L101、Wrinkling agent L102、Sand Textured agent L103、Hammer Tone Agent L105、Lanose grain agent L107、Acrylic Acid Extinction Resin L208、Indoor Physical Matting Agent L203、Electricity-enhancing Agent L501、Surface Conditioner L521、Silver Powder Brightener L308、Silver Powder Anti-wear Agent L309......

And we eager to know the situation in your country as followings:

1 how many powder coating factories are there in your country, and what is the total amount of the products?

2 which companies supply the raw material for the powder coating? Would you mind to introduce some of them to us?

3 Could you please kindly introduce the powder coating institute in your country to us?

We will be very appreciated if you answer us.


Wuhan Yincai Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 205# Hanxi North Road, Wuhan China

Tel.: 08627-83558483 83533466

Fax: 08627-83558485

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