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SOCED Committee Structure discussion Q4 2020 (003).pdf

SOCED Committee Structure discussion Q4 2020 (003).pdf


Comments from Tracy ....

Option A will work but I prefer option X for three reasons.  1) SOCED members can be apart of a subcommittee (communities, policy or education) while potentially participating in another areas within a working group such as UPAB or K-12; 2) the working groups can easily include non-SOCED members bringing more expertise and 3) while this new structure provides greater flexibility, the basic structure still makes sense with our mission.

I agree with Tracy.  I like the flexibility of Model X and the opportunities for collaborations with members outside SOCED. And for members of SOCED to work in more than one yellow box.

X marries K-12 and higher education under the excellence in education umbrella. This makes good sense given how many topics need to be discussed in Sub A and Sub B currently. The structure of X disaggregates the membership into task-oriented groups, which should yield more productivity.