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Orlando Local Section ACS Strategic Plan

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Orlando Local Section ACS Strategic Plan Finalized

Dear members,


The ACS Orlando Local Section is grateful to all those who commented on the development of the strategic plan in July. Your feedback has improved the plan with the voices of our membership.  We are pleased to share the following final plan. 



Advancing the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people.

Central Florida chemists, chemical engineers, and those in training, improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.

— Contribute to the public’s understanding of chemistry through the delivery of a compelling message at the annual Earth Day and during the National Chemistry week.
— Encourage students and support members in their pursuit of a successful career in chemistry or chemical engineering by supporting the Chemistry Olympiads and granting achievement awards.
— Support the career of our members and advancing their employers by organizing, supporting or promoting networking events, conferences or continuing education.
— Attract a diverse group of volunteers by offering a menu of inspiring activities. 


The full strategy is available at .


Thank you for your time and commitment to chemistry in our area.




The Executive Committee

New Contributor III

Thank you for offering an opportunity to comment. Recommend setting a deadline of 31 July 2020.


Thanks, Michel - I updated it.  Also, thank you for your excellent leadership in developing this plan.

New Contributor II

As a 50 year member, and former Eastman Kodak Chemist and teaching locally for the past 10 years - the corona has me really scared.  I have students in Orgo 2 labs that want them all on line, but when I ask the if they could perform the last experiment, by themselves, in a lab - there response is NO. Tonight I asked my Orgo 2 lab students to write the structure of Benzoic Acid on the board.  No One could do it, they are in the last weeks of Orgo 2!!!.  I could go on and on and on.  This generations of students, starting Fall 2020 really has not reality on how to do such simple stuff as taking a melting point.  The ACS has approved On-Line lectures and labs - this needs to be re-evaluated.  Industry needs to become aware of looking at a transcript and if the see advanced labs as On-Line, they need to test these applicants.  I, myself, would not want to have a PA that had Orgo 1 and 2 On-Line!                                


Hi George, thanks for your comment and I share your concerns.  It has been a challenge to transition face-to-face resources online to meet the traditional learning outcomes.  ACS is offering a webinar this week July 22 on this very topic: Enhancing Online Laboratory Experiences.  It might be useful for giving feedback or thinking about online in news ways.  Here is the link: ACS Webinars - American Chemical Society.