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2013 GEOC Medal

2013 GEOC Medal

2013 Geochemistry Medal Award

The 2013 Geochemistry Division Medal was awarded to Dr. George W. Luther III, Professor of Oceanography, University of Delaware, for his wide-ranging fundamental contributions to aqueous geochemistry.  These contributions include application of physical inorganic chemistry to understanding electron transfer in natural waters; development of chemical sensors and the application of voltammetry to quantifying trace element speciation in natural waters; and elucidation of chemical and microbial processes in metal and sulfur cycling. After the presentation of the award, Dr. Luther’s contributions were celebrated with a series of invited lectures highlighting critical issues in aqueous biogeochemistry.

The ACS Geochemistry Division Medal was awarded at a special Geochemistry Division awards symposium, which was held at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, LA: 7-11 April 2013.

2013 Geochemistry Medal Awards Ceremony

 Frank Millero presenting George Luther with the 2013 Geochemistry Medal.

Dave Rickard giving a talk on nucleation kinetics and iron sulfide formation during the Medal Symposium. 

Alison Butler giving a talk on bio(geo)inorganic chemistry of marine environments at the Medal Symposium. 

Brad Tebo giving a talk on the bioinorganic mechanisms of elemental manganese oxidation during the Medal Symposium.

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