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2015 ACS GEOC fellows

2015 ACS GEOC fellows

2015 ACS Fellows

Congratulations to our 2015 ACS Fellows: R. Lee Penn and George Luther! ACS Fellows are honored not only for their outstanding scientific research, but also their service to the ACS community.

Dr. R. Lee Penn is a professor at the University of Minnesota and studies the chemical reactivity of nanoparticles, the magnetic behavior of iron oxide nanoparticles, and the growth and aggregation of inorganic nanoparticles. She is also involved in designing and implementing curriculum to improve the understanding of the atomic structure of solid materials by middle schoolers. She served as membership chair for the Division of Geochemistry from 2006- 2010, program chair elect (2010), program chair (2011), division chair (2012), past division chair (2013), and councilor (2013-2016).

 Dr. George Luther is the Maxwell P. and Mildred H. Harrington Professor of Marine Studies in the School of Marine Science and Policy. He researches metal-sulfide nanoparticle formation, redox and trace element cycling in marine waters and sediments, and helped pioneer the development of in situ cyclic voltammetry. He has been involved in ACS since 1969, serving as program chair (1996), division chair (1997) and past division chair (1998) for the Geochemistry Divison. He also served as alternate councilor (2000-2011) and awards chair (2004-2011) for the division. He was also awarded the Geochemistry Division medal in 2013. In additional to his involvement in the Geochemistry Division, he was also Chair of the North Jersey Section, the largest ACS local section, in 1983 and a Councilor for 3 years.

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