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2015 GEOC Medal

2015 GEOC Medal

2015 Geochemistry Medal Award

The Geochemistry Division of the American Chemical Society is pleased to announce that the eighth Geochemistry Division Medal will be awarded to Dr. Donald L. Sparks for his far-reaching contributions to understanding aqueous and solid-phase speciation of metals and metalloids in the poorly ordered, dynamic materials that comprise the critical zone. 

Pictures from the ceremony can be found here or in the Photo Gallery Tab.

In particular, Dr. Sparks pioneered the application of relaxation methods to determining rates of surface complexation reactions; developed and applied state-of-the-art spectroscopic methods to understanding structure and bonding of metals and metalloids at mineral-water interfaces in soils, sediments, and synthetic- and specimen-mineral analogues; elucidated a series of reactions that can occur following surface complexation that lead to incorporation of metal ions into clay minerals; and has made great strides to understanding aqueous and metal-ion speciation in the rhizosphere. In addition to these transformative contributions to the field of geochemistry, his monographs have contributed greatly to transforming the field of soil chemistry and, as an educator and mentor, he has inspired a new generation of soil and environmental geochemists. The medal will be awarded at a special symposium to be held in March 2015 at the 249th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver, Colorado.

Applications were judged by the following committee members:  

Jay Brandes
Gregory K. Druschel 
Yoko Furukawa 
Douglas Kent
George R. Luther 
R. Lee Penn 
Martial Taillefert

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from Elsevier, the Department of Soil and Plant Sciences, University of Delaware, the Delaware Environmental Institute, University of Delaware, and the Division of Geochemistry.


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