ACS GEOC Division at the Fall Meeting 2020

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2020 ACS Fall National Meeting

August 17-20 | Virtual

Moving Chemistry from Bench to Market

Geochemistry Division Program

Time zone: Pacific Daylight Time (US and Canada)

Broadcast presentations(also available on-demand afterwards)

Monday (8/17) 10-12 pm PDT

Mario Villalobos Mechanisms of Tl(I) sorption and structural effects on poorly crystalline birnessites as a function of Tl(I) concentration

Young-Shin Jun Fast photochemically-facilitated formation of MnO2nanoparticles in the environment

Huichun Zhang Redox reactions of Manganese oxides in complex systems

Mengqiang Zhu Oxidative decomposition of natural organic matter by manganese oxide

Monday (8/17) 1-3 pm PDT

Vasileios Anagnostopoulos Geochemical controls of bixbyite and manganite on the mobility of Tc-99: TcO2oxidative dissolution under anoxic conditions

Zhenwei Gao Effects of halide ions on photochemically-induced abiotic formation of Mn oxides

Shannon Eichmann Nanoscale thermal conductivity measurements of kerogen-rich shales using atomic force microscopy

Nithya Subramanian Understanding coexistence of montmorillonite swelling states through mixing energetics

Tuesday (8/18) 10-12 pm PDT

Martial Taillefert Development of a gene-centric kinetic model for competitive terminal electron-accepting processes in sediments

Nan Xie Development of a kinetic model to investigate the mechanism of dark ROS production during microbially-driven Fenton reactions

Jimmy Murillo Gelvez Abiotic reduction of the munitions compounds DNAN and NTO by AQDS and Leonardite humic acid

Kevin Hickey Modeling the reduction of nitroaromatics by humic acid using quantum chemically computed reaction energies and quinonefunctional groups

Tuesday (8/18) 1-3 pm PDT

Yaguang Zhu Sulfate induces a compact and thick CaCO3 formation that helps protect Portland cement from supercritical CO2 attack

KungWon Choi Stability of mineralized carbon and structural distortion of calcite by Mg2+

Jing Zhang Adsorption of mono-and poly-molybdate (MoO42-) onto iron oxides: A multi-technique approach

Jennifer Bjorklund First-principles investigation of Keggin-type nanocluster stabilization and reactivity

Wednesday (8/19) 10-12 pm PDT

Arindam Malakar Ferrihydrite soil amendment limit arsenic uptake in rice by promoting iron plaque formation

Meret Aeppli Is carbon mineralization in floodplains controlled by the redox reactivity of iron minerals?

Qian Wang Speciation evolution of lead and nickel during (hydro)thermal treatments of sewage sludge

Swapnil Patil Metagenomics study of soil microcosms to evaluate the bioremediation of textile dyes in a contaminated ecosystem

On-demand presentations

Anastasia Ilgen

Sr stable isotope fractionation during adsorption on Fe and Al oxides and clay minerals

Mark Schlautman

Rates of abiotic MnII oxidation by O2: Influence of various multidentate ligands at high pH

Haesung Jung

Redox cycling driven transformation of layered Manganese oxides to tunnel structures under low temperature geochemical condition

Sassi Benkaddour

Using macroscopic and ultrafast spectroscopic approaches to decouple the effect of structural properties on the reactivity of manganese oxides

Piotr Zarzycki

Prediction of the mobility of uranium(VI) complexes in smectite interlayers

Clare Johnston

“Effect of aluminum substitution on the reactivity and growth of goethite and hematite nanoparticles”

Hal Gokturk

Interaction of methane with crown ether molecules

Hidemitsu Katsura

Variation of air radiation dose rates from October 2019 to December 2019 inside cabin flights from Singapore to Tokyo



Sci-Mix posters

Alex Nowak

Speciation of vanadium in sulfidic natural waters

Hal Gokturk

Interaction of methane with crown ether molecules