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ACS Spring Travel Awards - Congratulations to Winners!

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Congratulation to our Spring 2021 Meeting Award Recipients! 

Please make sure to listen to their presentation during the upcoming ACS Meeting!

Early Career Travel Award: 

Peng Yang, Argonne National Laboratory: Enhanced selenate uptake by lead co-sorption at the barite (001)-water interface (Abstract ID: 3556361)

Qian Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology: Dynamic transformation of phosphorus and nitrogen during hydrothermal treatment (HT) of sewage sludge and resource recovery from HT process water (Abstract ID: 3551409)

Xin Gu, Pennsylvania State University: Investigating weathering in shale across scales by tracking pseudomorphic transformation of pyrite (Abstract ID: 3549795)

Youngjae Kim, Argonne National Laboratory: Replacement of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs by Cerussite (Abstract ID: 3550231)

Student Travel Award: 

Bijoya Mandal, Temple University: Probing the interfacial solvent environment by measuring the vibrational lifetime of SCN- at the alpha-Al2O3(0001)-aqueous interface (Abstract ID:3558361)

Andrew Freiburger, University of Victoria: A PHREEQC simulation of scaling during RO desalination (Abstract ID: 3533908)

Ecenur Bulur, University of Wisconson Madison: Transport-reaction modeling of particulate organic matter dynamics in riverbed sediments (Abstract ID: 3555464)