Call for nominations - ACS Geochemistry Division Medal

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Call for Nominations


ACS Geochemistry Division Medal


To be awarded for outstanding contributions in any area of the field of geochemistry.


The Division of Geochemistry of the American Chemical Society is currently soliciting nominations for the 11th awarding of the Geochemistry Division Medal. The Geochemistry Division medal is awarded biennially to an individual for outstanding accomplishment in any field of geochemistry.


Previous GEOC medal winners include: Frank J. Millero (2001), John M. Hayes (2003), Patrick G. Hatcher (2005), Robert C. Aller (2007), Fred T. MacKenzie (2009), John A. Tossell (2011), George W. Luther III (2013), Donald Sparks (2015), Susan L. Brantley (2017), and Everett L. Shock (2019).


The award consists of a bronze medallion plus $2000. The awardee will receive an allowance for travel to the award ceremony, as well as registration costs for the ACS meeting at which the award will be conferred. The 11th Geochemistry Division Medal will be presented at the Fall 2021 ACS National Meeting & Exposition to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, August 22-26, 2021.


Nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Geochemistry Division Medal Committee, Dr. Nadine Kabengi, at kabengi[at] by 5:00 pm ET on March 15th, 2021


Nominations should be sent electronically and should include: (1) a nomination letter (2 to 5 pages in length) describing the nominee's outstanding accomplishments, (2) the nominee’s current CV with up-to-date publication list, (3) two supporting letters from individuals other than the nominator, and (4) at the discretion of the nominator, any other supporting information. Nominators should confirm, prior to submission of the nomination, that the nominee is willing to be considered for the award. Nominees are considered for two award cycles. Thus, new nominations, reviewed for the 2019 award and who are not successful, will be automatically reconsidered in the next award cycle (nominators will be contacted and invited to submit additional or updated information).


As you scan your networks for worthy colleagues, we encourage you to actively consider representation (gender, and Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colors (BIPOC)) in the ensuing pool of candidates  Research tells us that women and BIPOC are often overlooked for awards and are more likely to think they are not ready to be nominated for prestigious awards.  

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