Geochemistry Division Fall 2020 Election

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ACS Geochemistry Division is currently seeking nominations for two officer positions, Program-Chair Elect and Secretary, who will assume their roles in January 2021. A brief description of each role is provided below.
Program-Chair Elect (4-year term): This officer will serve as Program-Chair Elect in the first year, shadow the Program Chair, and assist the Division Chair with the direction and management of the Division. In the second year, the candidate will serve as Program Chair and organize the symposium at the fall and spring national meetings. In the third year, the candidate will serve as Division Chair, and finally as Immediate Past Division Chair in the fourth year.
Secretary (3-year term): This officer is responsible for supporting a broad range of Division’s activities. These duties include to keep a record of the minutes of the meetings of the Division and of the Executive Committee, to maintain a list of members and affiliates, to send to members and affiliates such notices as the business of the Division may require, to submit a report to the Division at its annual meeting, and to carry out the duties required by the Constitution and Bylaws of the SOCIETY and elsewhere in these bylaws.
-Self-nominations and consensual nominations of colleagues are encouraged.
-Per GEOC Bylaws, all nominations must be accompanied by at least 10 signatures of support from current ACS GEOC Members (including current Division Committee members).
-All nominees must have been a Member of the Division for at least one year at the time of nomination.
-Nomination and the signatures of support must be submitted by October 15.
Please submit the nomination or any questions to:

Sang Soo Lee
ACS Geochemistry Division Secretary