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ISEF 2017 – American Chemical Society Special Awards

ISEF 2017 – American Chemical Society Special Awards

The American Chemical Society awarded the following Special Awards at the 2017 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, California:


The American Chemical Society Education Division promotes excellence in science education and science literacy through a number of activities supporting teachers and learners of chemistry. Through its participation in Intel ISEF, ACS encourages and supports high school students in their exploration of the chemical sciences through research experiences.


Founded in 1876, the American Chemical Society is a self-governed individual membership organization that consists of members at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry. The organization provides a broad range of opportunities for peer interaction and career development.


 First Award of $4,000

Discovery and Characterization of an Undocumented Ferric Sulfate Compound Formed by the Reaction of Gold Ore with Sulfuric Acid, Kyle Fridberg, Fairview High School, CO, United States of America


Second Award of $3,000

Solution Grown and Tunable Plastic Magnets: Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Mesoscopic Conjugated Polymer Rings, Arnob Das, Jesuit High School, OR, United States of America


Third Award of $2,000

Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced Heterogeneous Excited-State Dynamics of 6-Coordinate Transition Metal Protodyes, Archana Verma, Jericho High School, NY, United States of America


Fourth Award of $1,000

Utilization of Carbon Monoxide as a Reducing Agent for C-C and C-N Bond Formation: Application to Asymmetric Catalyst and Synthesis of New Effective Fungicide, Alexandra Samoylova & Maria Makarova, Moscow Chemical Lyceum of Moscow South-Eastern Lyceum and Grammar School Complex, Russian Federation


Honorable Mentions

Caffeine Termiticide:  Caffeine as a Novel and Eco-friendly Termiticide, Xian Jing Koay & Zhan Yi Chng, Chung Ling High School, Malaysia


Conductivity of Doped Polypyrrole Films Synthesized by Electropolymerization, Vijay Shah, Niles West High School, IL, United States of America


Organic Dyes Based on [1,2,5] chalcogenadiazolo [3,4-c] pyridine: New Effective Materials for Solar Cells, German Chkhetiani and Olga Ustimenko, Moscow South-Eastern Lyceum and Grammar School Complex, Russian Federation


Starch-Based Bioplastic as Optical Indicator for Ammonia in Processed Meat, Stasa Gejo, II. Gimnazija Maribor, Slovenia


Optimization of Temperature Conditions for Pristine Graphene Synthesis, Govind Krishna, duPont Manual High School, KY, United States of America


Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanorods, Andrea Noronha, Redlands High School, CA, United States of America