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First Meeting of European Student Chapters: Students from UNIMORE (Modena, Italy) visit TU Munich in Freising (Germany)

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Networking is one of the keys for getting to know people not only in your proximity but also in a wider area like Europe. For the first time, the newly found international ACS Student Chapters abroad of the U.S. arranged a meeting not only to discuss scientific issues but also to get in touch with people in person. Six people from the UNIMORE student chapter (Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy) visited the TU Munich student chapter in Freising (Germany) on the weekend 5th-7th February 2016. After their long journey we enjoyed a welcome dinner altogether and got to know each other in a relaxing atmosphere. Next day, we started with a typical Bavarian breakfast including white sausages and pretzels, before the first session of presentations started. Roberta Tardugno presented the results from her Ph.D. studies on essential oils and their anti-microbial effects on selected microorganisms present in different kinds of easily perishable foods. Davide Maran gave us some interesting insights into his research on biological active phytocannabinoids from different species of Cannabis plants. Virginia Brighenti introduced us to her recent results on the metabolite fingerprinting of pomegranate constituents in different parts of the fruit. Following a short coffee break with Bavarian doughnuts the heads of the TUM student chapter Mathias Salger and Philipp Schmidberger gave a brief overview on the research fields of the Center for Molecular Sensory Science headed by Prof. Dr. Schieberle and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann. Our guests were finally shown the laboratories and analytical instruments to illustrate the scientific approach. As a highlight, they were invited to participate in a small sensory experiment.

After lunch in a traditional local restaurant, the group got off to a trip to Munich city-center see the TU Munich headquarter enjoying the sunset view over Munich with the alps in the background from the rooftop bar. Excited about the most interesting spots of the Bavarian capital the long day ended in a cozy restaurant.

We want to thank the UNIMORE student chapter for their visit to Munich and we are looking forward to an invitation to the next to Modena!