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Reminder: present your student chapter!

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Dear all,

this way I want to kindly remind you to present your student chapter to the group! I know you all read the blog postings and your e-mails. So please tell us: what is your expertise? essential oils? bioactives? food toxicants? etc...

Please bear in mind: the more information we get, the better we can set up the topics for the sessions for YOUR presentations! This is our chance to design our "own" symposium on the big ACS National meeting in Philadelphia!

I'm looking forward to hearing from ALL of you!



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Excellent post! Everyone  interested in participating in the 1st International Student Symposium at the FAL ACS Meeting in Philadelphia should be aware that the deadline for Abstract entry via the ACS MAPS system will be in March 2016. With the Holidays coming, that is already getting close as you need to define your paper topic, communicate with Phillipe so he knows how many sessions he needs to plan

and I need to inform AGFD at the Sand Diego Meeting (March 16th) as the sessions number re: funding

This is very important!

Charles J. Brine

AGFD Student Program Coordinator