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"Pay it forward" by posting your jobs on our North Jersey web site.

With over 50% of the jobs hidden, it really helps to "pay it forward" by making hidden jobs more visible to your fellow members.  Public agregators sites like will find jobs posted on  web sites.  Few recruiters get their jobs included on these agregator sites and often there maybe a reason why.  Perhaps a present employee does not know he is about to be replaced. Perhaps the manager does not have time and wants only qualified applicants.  If reposting recuiter's jobs, be sure you have thier permission. 

Increasingly, members are reposting jobs not easily found elsewhere.  Job seekers can help them selves identify potential employers and network their way to the hiring manager using tools like LinkedIn, their network and informational surveys to locate decision makers.  Hiring managers prefer individual's known to them and their team over cold resumes submitted on line.  Many companies actually pay thier employee's a finder's fee for bringing in applicants, illustrating how valuable this process can be.  Obtaining recommendations on LinkedIn dramatically strenthens an individual's profile.  Why "not pay it forward" by writing a Linkedin recommendation for your peers.

Of course, job seekers need to help themselves, as well, by widely distributing a business card with photo and mini resume so that others can further help them.   They can further help themselves by asking their peers for help clarifying their accomplishments.  An individual needs at least 15 accomplishments with supporting proof of their achievements to facilitate resume and interviewing performance.