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Advantages of Microspheres

Before Microsphere Development, it is necessary to understand the benefits of microspheres:

  • Delayed release of microspheres can be up to half a year, greatly improving patient compliance by reducing the frequency of administration.
  • Microspheres are slowly released at the site of administration to maintain effective blood concentration, reduce blood concentration fluctuations, and reduce toxic side effects.
  • Microspheres have special affinity with certain cells and tissues, and can be endocytosed by the reticuloendothelial system of tissues and organs to achieve targeting.
  • Microspheres are mainly used for peptide drugs. Compared with the mature chemical drugs, peptide drugs have more room for development and more market potential.
  • The route of administration of microspheres is injection, bypassing the first-pass effect, improving bioavailability and reducing the dose of drug delivery.
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